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Reference management

Whether you are writing papers, reports, guidelines or undertaking research for professional development, reference management software allows you to:

  • Store and manage your references eg, articles, books, chapters etc.
  • Easily import references from PubMed and other databases.
  • Attach the full text of articles.
  • Add your own notes and keywords.
  • Sort, search, and automatically incorporate your references into papers you are writing.
  • Ensure your references are cited consistently.

Reference management software


  • ADHB staff may request the latest version of Endnote be installed on one ADHB work computer.
  • Departmental permission is required. An individual licence is over $400.
  • Request Endnote from the ADHB Intranet under Computer Self Help. In the IS Self Help Portal, select IS Forms, then Software Installation Request.
  • Staff with University of Auckland honorary clinical appointments have free access to Endnote.
  • The ADHB Librarians can provide some assistance with Endnote.
  • The University of Auckland has useful Endnote guides.

Other software

  • Refworks (web based)
    Purchase your own annual subscription for US$100. The ADHB Librarians can provide some assistance with Refworks.
  • Mendeley (free)
  • Zotero (free)
  • Refer to the Mendeley or Zotero websites for online help or contact them for technical issues.

Referencing Guides