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Request books

To request a book

Current library Associate Membership is required to request books. You may request books that are on loan and books not held by University of Auckland libraries (Interlibrary loan).

There are two ways to request books:

  1. Fill lin the Request an article or book online form. Use this if you want books delivered to a Greenlane or community site work address.
  2. Use the request options in The Catalogue. Books must be picked up from a Library. This excludes delivery of books to Greenlane and community sites.
    • From The Catalogue book record, log in with your username and password and select the Library you would like to pick the item up from.
    • NB. e-books in The Catalogue are only available on a Library computer. Check if you can get the book online from ADHB Library Links e-books; or request a copy of a chapter.

The Library will send an Item Available notice to your nominated email address when your book is available.

  • Allow 5-6 days for a book on loan to be returned.
  • The notice indicates the date by which it must be collected. This is usually five days’ time.
  • Use My Library Account to check on books you have requested, and those awaiting pick-up.

When a book is requested from you

You have a minimum period of 5 days from the date of issue before a book you have on loan can be recalled/requested. The Library will notify you via email if a book you have on loan has been recalled/requested by another patron.

  • You must return your book by the new due date, which overrides the original due date, preferably to the library you borrowed it from.
  • You may have a maximum of 5 days from the date of the recall notice to return the item.
  • Overdue recalled books incur a fine of $3 per day.
  • Your borrowing privileges may be blocked if you do not return it by the recall due date.